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Im sadbere looking to work online with wordpress i may pasionate its. Planting fllowers garden camping cinema basketball all nice ppl cooking beach travel working

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  1. What is that? Does look good, rice with something. Anything that goes with rice I like, actually…´s hard for me to not like food, except the vegetarian food apart from that I pretty much eat anything, and I don’t have to run everyday to shed off pounds, anyways what is weird is that I eat everything and when they ask me how is it my answer is always the same, “delicious”. That has to be a problem…. people actually don’t even ask me now, they even order for me, hey this Crazy Charly you can give him some rotten meat and he’ll say it´s delicious.
    Just curious, what is that? I like cooking so I might even try to do that plate.

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      1. Yes, rice-onion-peppers, I would add some meat, that’s it, the plate is done. You can add pretty much anything to rize that’s what I survive most of the days plus pasta, with pasta you can also add everything, I always cook it with tomato sauce and onion to give it taste with some species, and then add whatever, tuna, meet… it´s easy to make, cheep, and one of my cacerolls full I have for 3 days of food. So rize and pasta should be protected by humanity.

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      2. I know quite some people that are vegetarian, I say one word to them….. nuts!
        How can you not like meat?
        Just being sarcastic, I do understand their mentality and why they choose to be vegetarian. I don’t necessarily agree one hundred percent with it but I can understand.


      3. I wegetarian lotc reason meat ppl cut it mace ready for store i we seen on tv saying it was horce meat and saying its. Kaow and i seen movie ppl body macing meat i thik it was real no just movie then susage taste strong to me and pig hawe strong taste i eat chiken and turkey i just seen two day ago not to buy chicken i think chiken got sick or coz they grown it artificially dnt know why. Two nights ago lotc time i dnt know wat i wana eat just confused wat i should eat i like Ruze & poteto


      4. Each to his or her own, with few inexpensive things (having been raised by women myself) I learned that you can do a lot of good meals.
        So enjoy, and if you can afford a good expensive vegetarian restaurant the better.

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