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This picture Look like Switzerland it is in Guatemala


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Im sadbere looking to work online with wordpress i may pasionate its. Planting fllowers garden camping cinema basketball all nice ppl cooking beach travel working

37 thoughts on “This picture Look like Switzerland it is in Guatemala

  1. Hi.. Your Photography
    Is Great! i love
    Photography too
    So much that On
    Average each of
    My Blog Posts
    At 30,000 Words
    i write each week
    In Free Verse poetry
    Carries Around 300
    Photos so in turn
    What i do
    Word Press
    Reader as technology
    Just has not caught all
    The way up to my
    Creativity highly
    Unlikely any
    Robot ever
    Will I’m amazed
    You liked 8 of my
    Blog posts thanks
    So much you
    Must have
    A Powerful
    Computer With SMiLes..:)

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  2. Beautiful photograph! You have captured the soul of the “volcan de agua” in Guatemala. I have been in those mountains and have seen it up close…great post and lovely blog!

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